PUBG Mobile Update 0.14.5 to Add Helicopter, Heavy Weapons Mode

PUBG Mobile Update 0.14.5 to Add Helicopter, Heavy Weapons Mode

PUBG Mobile’s next huge update, variant 0.14.5 ought to be here soon. We are anticipating that it should touch base with the presentation of Season 9,

which is reputed to occur around September 12. The following update is hypothesized to get a totally new method of vehicle to the fight royale game.

In the event that reports are right, PUBG Mobile update 0.14.5 will acquire the capacity to utilize helicopters. We have seen grounded helicopters in specific places on practically all

maps, yet one can’t fly them starting at yet. As indicated by Mr. Phantom Gaming, the following update will enable you to fly around with your squad.

The YouTuber has posted a video displaying the interactivity on the Chinese variant of the game.

Outstandingly, the capacity to fly helicopters will be accessible in an exceptional substantial weapons mode. This is a similar mode which

was accounted for before to incorporate weapons like the M3E1-A rocket launcher, the MGL and M79 projectile launchers and RPG-7. Starting at now, there is no lucidity

whether the capacity to utilize helicopters will go to the Classic mode, however we have our questions. It could be included as another arcade mode.


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